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Aragorn, Son of Arathorn Without a doubt this is certainly an intriguing match up and especially against someone of your standard, however I’ll be pretty blunt by saying that Jon Snow despite having a fairly powerful direwolf at his side more or less has zero advantage against the King Of Gondor at the end of the day. I’ll leave it for now only brought it up to give you the benefit if the doubt I will say using any part of the books any part in a movie LOTR debate will hurt your debate. Gondor was in a very crucial position, in order to guard Middle Earth and because of Gondor’s proximity to Mordor, its military forces had to be proficiently trained and vigilantly on guard at all times. However, an aptitude for battle skill wasn’t nearly enough to stop the Orcs from forcing Faramir and his men out of Osgiliath. However, it does heavily impact the outcome of a battle. They’re fast, fast enough to often match and outmaneuver the men and Elves of Middle Earth, Karl’s speed is still decent but there’s zilch to take him to the next level. Unless you’d argue this is all one mere coincidence, I’d say they’re pretty consistent in proving themselves ample for some serious bloodshed.

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If you watch closely you can see most of them just waited in the back and waited to attack practically one at a time. So, they’re humiliated in the same fashion that everyone else in Middle Earth humiliates them in? These cannot be compared to Aragorn’s showings as if they’re battling opponents on equal footing.

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The Orcs are treated as a threat for a reason, not just because of numbers, but their attributes that they bring to battle are certainly challenging to put it lightly. Pope; Aragorn, Son of Sragorn The Hobbits are capable of defeating their fair share of Argorn due to their arqgorn aptitude for combat and hardiness, not because the Orcs are pathetic warriors in comparison. It’s so well-made aagorn it actually can shatter other swords as well as counter a White Walker’s weapon.


If you watch the clip through, you’ll notice Orcs defeating the soldiers just as easily as they do vice versa, as they’ve done in all instances that I’ve exhibited. Karl was countering Jon’s attempts nigh effortlessly and threw him around with ease. So no, the Hobbits are anything but a pushover and that notion is just an incorrect generalization. Heck none of what happebed in the adagorn are canon to films. Elves to Men are what Uruk-Hai are to regular Orcs, essentially, they’re decently superior combatants and the Uruk-Hai are more than a match for them nonetheless.

Raagorn that’s a clear difference but I don’t see any flaws in the ones I’ve used, but anyway, leave this for now and i’ll my opponent will bring it to question if necessary. I think you’re not giving this fight enough credit. Nor is he incapable of fighting fast fighters, even if they wield dual weaponry: It’s easier to think of it as a grown man taking on a chimpanzee, for example.

Even against notable opponents, Jon has never really been able to apply his skill as well as he can against fodder, as he was quite obviously destroyed here by Karl Tanner. Aragorn has it all over Jon, and this means that Aragorn is packing far more strength behind his sword swings, at a greater speed, and whilst possessing excellent skill as well as holding more experience as a swordsmen overall.

CaV: Pope052(Aragorn) vs TLSSH(Jon Snow)

Victory is by death. Later on after this encounter, Aragorn confonts the Uruk-Hai Captain, Lurtz, and although he heavily struggled to fight him sort of similar to how Jon struggled against Styrhe manages to fight his way through and defeat him with moderate difficulty. Anduril Ranger’s Armor Dagger For Jon to have a remote chance of getting the upper hand on Aragorn by any means he’ll have to rely on Ghost heavily, and even then Aragorn is more than able to fight his way out of an ambush like approach or something similar.

In Balin’s Tomb among the other members of the Fellowship, Aragorn effortlessly slaughters a number of orcs, beings who are strong and ferocious enough to overwhelm well trained soldiers and a group this size would annihilate Castle Black, yet Aragorn treats them like nothing.

Merry was also previously doubted by Theoden, Eomer and Rohirim in general simply for being a Hobbit, but yet he demonstrated otherwise. Excuse any possible bluntness, but this is just flat out wrong. Even Merry and Pippin took part in the battle for Minas Tirith, Pelennor Fields, as well as standing at both Gondor and Rohirim’s side quite literally at Sauron’s front door.


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Skill doesn’t account for everything in battle, especially against an opponent at much more of a physical advantage. Pope Follow Forum Posts: Aragorn has managed to fend off four Nazgul and the Witch King to defend the hobbits, opponents who individually are a sufficient challenge for Jon – let alone all five at the one time.

That point has been well phrased in my opinion and continuing to disregard the capabilities of the Hobbits is an argument built on quick sand. It’s not just these Hobbits either, as Bilbo had also produced a variety of feats by being always involved in these similar circumstances. If the attributes of the cannon fodder in question can be determined which in Aragorn’s defense they have been then compared to the fodder of another universe and come out as better, then there’s no reason not to use feats for your character beating the aforementioned fodder, in fact it’s one of the most common ways of gauging one’s capabilities and limits but it’s also misunderstood.

Keep in mind that the White Walkers are physically superior to humans, yet Jon was able to parry blow for blow when in direct combat.

A point I’ll explain in greater detail later on, but hopefully you should get the gist of what I’ve said here up to now anyway and why it matters.

Hobbits really are amazing creatures, as I have said before. His performace in said battles greatly advances his strength, skill, speed, endurance, stamina and thus ranks higher on the food chain aragkrn a combatant than Jon. I agree that skill is more reliable to determine a tactical and calculative combatant, but only if we’re taking two characters who aren’t far off from each other physically.

Hope everyone is enjoying the show so far:

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