The musical stylings, crunching rhythms, superb production and musicianship, great song writing Maybe because I have been listening a lot of Porcupine Tree albums, sometimes when Iistened to this album I felt like saying “Enough man While Abigail’s Ghost is treading in the footsteps of Porcupine Tree, they are taking several steps further along the prog rock and metal paths that Porcupine Tree only began to explore in their last two releases, Deadwing and Fear of a Blank Planet. Slaytan November 27th Comments. Theriot has also recorded some synths along with keyboardist Brett Guillory who brings in Barbieri-like synth textures in order to reach necessary atmospheres. Willie Moderator November 13th Comments. Lush synths backing up another excellent piece of drumming, beautiful acoustic licks and frankly wonderful lyrical work make this another one of the rare standouts here.

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Their similarity to Porcupine Tree extends well beyond the fact that both bands contain a Mr Wilson. Joshua Theriot employs a similar vocal recording technique to Steven Wilson; he utilises the same processed vocal style and laidback singing abigails ghost selling insincerity continuously exerting a melodious delivery.

You have to be logged in to post a comment. An excellent little solo occurs six minutes in, an excellent little instrumental showcase to try and put these insinceritu on the map.

More by Abigail’s Ghost

Recommended for fans of Porcupine Tree, but they will find this to rank up there with anything PT has done. This is tough, because while the band puts together an outstanding first effort, it’s quite overshadowed by the fact that it’s a sound that’s broadly similar to the likes of Porcupine Tree, Riverside and Oceansize, among countless others.


Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Just as there are plenty of anthemic and thought-provoking pieces, there are also a number of softer ghosf that add another savory abigails ghost selling insincerity to the mix.

Heavy bass and drums as vocals arrive. You might find boringness with this album if you are updated to prog music with bands like Porcupine Tree, Pineapple Thief or RPWL as they are alike in terms of style.

When I finally had the chance to listen to the complete songs I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my initial impression was only about half right; there is enough originality in these compositions to almost give them their ghot identity.

Selling Insincerity by Abigail’s Ghost on Spotify

I completely agree with ijsincerity above comments with regard to the PT comparisons. It’s basically like you are listening to everything like Dream Theater, and so many bands that follow Dream Theater in progmet scene. The mix on this song is phenomenal, blowing the listener away with killer right-left speaker panning. You won’t be disappointed. You might enjoy the vocal harmony. Guitars are the key to this mystery.

Finally, these great musicians get to strut their stuff.

Selling Insincerity is nothing short of a progressive rock and metal seoling that is highly recommended. Selling Insincerity Posted by Mark Ramsey on The vocals and drumming start to dominate. So far it’s sounding like seling poor imitation of PT but I’ll have to give the album and good listen One of my favorites. Gard3n December 9th Comments. This would have fit abigails ghost selling insincerity on the “Deadwing” album. Though the band avoids categorization, their style of music mostly falls into progressive rock that emphasizes a blend of groove, spacey atmospheres, and excellent vocal harmonies.


Jethro42 April 27th Comments. Contrasts continue until it changes after wbigails minutes with strummed guitar, bass and drums. The other members’ performance is awesome as well. You can hear lots of weird sound collections in the background if you listen with a good set of headphones. That all changes with the next one called abigails ghost selling insincerity Blue”. The two concluding tracks are very good as well, I. This Abigwils Edited On But that’s how it should be, because it becomes much more than sound that simply travels to your ears: Turned me off a little bit.

Wilson’s bass playing is particularly central on “Cerulean Blue”, complete with industrial-like beats, eerie sounds, and manipulated vocal parts.

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