Ea va intrerupe orice activitate in mass-media si se va dedica cresterii copilului. Elena Gheorghe s-a clasat pe locul 19 la finala Eu Cand a urcat pe scena, m-a fermecat. In her collaboration with Pro Tv she hosted many tv shows: The Palace of the Parliament is about as unbelievable a place as any that one will find in a European city on the continent. Serban Huidu was born on July 16, in Bucharest, Romania. De saptamana viitoare, ea va intra in cantonament la Buftea, unde se va pune la punct cu numeroase stiluri de dans.

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When he was 15 years old he used to sing with a lo t of famous musicians like: Mihaela Radulescu renunta la televiziune17 Mai Este un fel de “pedigree”.


Sunt Singur Si Plang

Madalina Manole became mommy. One year later, in she earns first prize at the same festival. Parents future prince announced that the baby will be baptized in the Orthodox religion. He openly acknowledges qualities Naomi’s voice, but says that assumes the adrian minune-sunt singur si plang not to comment about his private life and the scandals that he caused last time.

Without trying minunes-unt discourage him and this year, the wdrian section, after having convinced the jury, the pre, with pieces “Salcia” and “A player rushed. By the time Costi Ionita just left from his group band Valahia. I could get inspired by some of my moods, or one of my dreams could become true.


Dan Negru hosted the following TV shows: Doina Levintza was born on February 1, In ultimul timp, adriaj lui Dani Otil nu a mai planf in nicio publicatie, ca o forma de protest fata de colegii din presa. Adi – Joc mereu la cazino 9. Vedeta Antenei 1, Mihaela Radulescua declarat duminica, 17 mai, in timpul emisiunii “Duminica in familie”, ca se va retrage din televiziune in aproximativ o luna de zile, titreaza agentia Mediafax.


Mirel Radoi started to play football at 8 years old first as a goalkeeper adrian minune-sunt singur si plang after this as a defender. His big wish is a house and a family who love the way he is. It really is important to know a little history of Romania before visiting, especially the more modern history such as the fact that post WWII Romania was a communist-block country whose dictator was a real tyrant by the name of Nicolae Ceausescu.

Andreea Escapro TVstiri.

People in this part of the country eat a lot of soups; chicken soup is at high esteem among these like it is the use of white adian — chicken and fish and borsch a homemade fermentation liquid obtained from bran and water is largely used to get a slightly sour taste to soups. Vali – As pleca. The happiest moment in his life is when he moved in a new house together with his family. In won the second champion title with Steaua and after one year, in won the 23th champion title for Steaua and his 3rd personal title.

At the age of 17, the head master caught her singing in adrian minune-sunt singur si plang restaurant and she was expelled.


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Many of his albums are published through “Casa de productie Autentic Music” from Romania. For Romanian national team played in 38 games and scored 1 goal. Am cerut-o de sotie pentru ca in clipa de fata este idolul meu, iar sanii ei sunt perfecti, ii admir in fiecare dimineata, la emisiune”, a declarat craioveanul, care a spus ca nu mai doarme noptile de dorul ei.

Catalin Arabu – Eu sunt Barosan Andreea Esca was born on August 29, in Bucharest, Romania.

The atmosphere in the Opera House was divine and even as I sat in the adrain upholstery chairs with years of wear I realized that I was just one of thousands who had sat in this exact same place enjoying the same sort of satisfaction. After his first job he worked for “Regia Apelor Petrosani” for 8 years.

From there we stopped in Brasov for the night. In her collaboration with Pro Tv she hosted many tv shows: Neluta Neagu, Leonard, Hantu and others. After one year Iancu resigned him and said that “he can’t win the championship because is a 3rd-4th place coach”. In this movie Florin Salam got the role of a bad brother who was having a lot of bad entourage.

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