Pellicus is a pelican owned by Number One. He was absent throughout the part of the series due to his temporary relocation to Los Angeles when he lived with The Great Caesar; the two constantly clashed and both were relieved when Clodoveo returned to New York. This article is about the comic book. This edition is still a popular collectors’ item. He usually dresses in a World War I-era flying ace uniform with goggles.

alan ford e il gruppo tnt contro superciuk

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Even though he is in charge of the flower shop while Number One is not around, in reality, he is a lazy, fat and aging TNT agent who tries his best to avoid work. This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat A running gag is his incredible strength and endurance for an ordinary pelican.

The French and Macedonian editions only saw twelve issues before they got dropped due to poor sales. Italian comics titles Italian comics characters Italian comics comics debuts Comics characters introduced in Crime comics Satirical comics Publications established in Comic book digests Fictional Italian people Fictional secret agents and spies.

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He has three younger brothers, a set of triplets called Tim, Tom and Tumb, who are professional criminals and frequently try to use Bob as the scapegoat in their criminal schemes. Cirano is Bob Rock’s dog, gfuppo often participates in the group’s missions.

alan ford e il gruppo tnt contro superciuk

The first issue of the comic book, entitled “Group TNT”, was received mildly by its audience. Clodoveo is Number One’s parrot.


Despite his heroic-like behavior and staunch belief in bravery as seen by quotes stamped on his T-shirtshe is a very cowardly man, constantly running from danger.

alan ford e il gruppo tnt contro superciuk

Running gag in the series is his incompetence: Running gag is that, whenever he steals a large number of goods, he phones his never-seen friend Bing to sell him the goods and asks about Bing’s brother, who is always in some kind of trouble. He usually dresses in a black long-sleeved shirt with black shoes and dark pants. The comic book’s publishing was started in by the state-owned company Vjesnik from Zagreb.

alan ford e il gruppo tnt contro superciuk

Another running gag is conto time spent in his wheelchair: This article is about the comic book. Brixy died inmarking in many ways the end of an era for Alan Ford in Yugoslavia. Running gag with Alan is his confusion, naive personality, and in particular, his bad luck with women: Number One real name unknown is the leader of the TNT.

It was also translated into Albanian in Serbia which saw only five issues before getting dropped, also due to poor sales. After Bob, he is the most vocal about his salary, but is constantly conrto by Number One.

Alan Ford e il gruppo TNT contro Superciuk (Video ) – IMDb

He is a former Chicago mobster who made his fortune during the Prohibition era. Maverick from Kraljevo initially started publishing for the Serbian market, and the comic was in fordd up by Color Press Group from Novi Sad.

In its entire story the drawing style has remained the same set by Magnus.


There is a fake comic in circulation which features Yugoslav lifetime president Josip Broz Tito in a story line in one of the issues. The initial script was written in August and the dialog revised in April Magnus drew the first 75 issues, after which he was replaced supefciuk Paolo Piffarerio in The play was an original story with most of the characters present, largely based on issue 30 “The Bearded Gang”but with numerous references to other episodes and characters.


Big in the Balkans”. In Radio Belgrade produced a radio drama based on the play. It survived the dissolution of the country and in it was still one of the best selling comic books in the area.

conrto His love interests turn out to either use his gullible personality for their own agendas, genuinely love him but are criminals who end up imprisoned or on the run, or simply dislike his lack of success and lack of money. T at low cost”.

He moved to America and changed his last name from Grunt to Grunf to avoid detection, and is mentioned to also serve in Second World War. He usually dresses in a World War I-era flying ace uniform supeciuk goggles. He wears old ruptured pants, a bowler hat, a coat and a cardigan stripped shirt.

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