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Kensei has been nerfed to oblivion. Lyra is squishy and can be bursted down, but Ardan should always be aware of her range and Bright Bulwark, which hinders all of his abilities to varying extents. Bullying him in the early game is key in this matchup. Blood for Blood can also be used in the direction Ardan is fleeing towards as an escape tool. Though the following are desired from any captain, captains with defensive support for Ardan or consistent stuns can also work especially well with weapon Ardan, as every bit of sustain can help Ardan build towards another Blood for Blood, while stuns are important in helping to lock down elusive targets.

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The main combo for bursting down enemy heroes using two Blood for Blood activations. Vanguard is a swiss army knife, but should be used in two main ways: The key to winning against Baron is to surprise him with Blood for Blood and get out of range once you see him cast his B.

However, Ardan is more tanky and has the damage to keep up with Baptiste. Previously, junglers would stick alongside their bottom laners a lot more, but now the declining popularity of laners clearing jungle together with the jungler makes it easier for Ardan to pick off unsuspecting bottom laners who are unaware of his high 1v1 potential. Since Blood for Blood resets basic attack cooldown, this is the bread and butter combo for clearing lane and jungle minions.


Gauntlet can be used to its greatest potential in teamfights, where Ardan should aim to separate key targets from the rest of the enemy team, or to peel for an ally being dived on. Using this ability on himself results in only half the barrier and speed boost. Inara is weak when alone, but her B and ultimate make it very difficult for Ardan to stick to his intended target. Always avoid a fully stacked SAW unless you are confident in bursting him down.

Ardan should build towards Tension Bow the next time he heads to the jungle shop. Ardan should prioritise a tier 3 defensive item for survivability in late game teamfights. Fortress is too tanky for Ardan to burst down, and his bleed is a great help to his teammates. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Skaarf is squishy but can bully Ardan in the laning phase if he is not careful enough.

Used for bursting down an enemy hero that attempts to flee using a sprint or an ability after the initial Blood for Blood. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc.

A Comprehensive Guide to Top Lane Ardan | Broken Myth

The sheer damage on Blood for Blood allows weapon Ardan to out-sustain Tony, but try not to let his A or B land for another CC follow-up from an enemy. Being a bursty hero without a strong sustained damage output in teamfights, weapon Ardan is best complemented by a hero with strong, ranged and consistent damage.

After building the tier 2 defensive item, Ardan can buy a Weapon Infusion to maximise his damage output. For example, casting Vanguard on himself when being targeted by a large minion wave or Forward Barrage can reset the cooldown on Blood for Blood in no time.

Place Scout Cams in bushes, and, as with any other melee hero, avoid engaging Krul in single combat.


Breaking Point also does not synergise well with a crit-oriented Afdan build, which relies on a hit-and-run playstyle. Due to its long cooldown, Gauntlet should only be used to secure a kill or escape, or in a teamfight. Ranged and mobile heroes, such as Skye and heroes with long dashes, such as Glaive and Kensei, will be significantly more restricted by the perimeter, whilst Gauntlet should not be used to solely separate heroes that can pass through the perimeter with ease, such as Blackfeather or Lyra.

Be careful when laning against Joule, as her B grants her enough range to harass Ardan. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

This ability can be used on Ardan, but the barrier, speed and vengeance gain is gainglory half as strong. The jungle shop spawns at 5: Move unpredictably to dodge Spitfire, and avoid going into basic ardah range when on fire.

VG Hero: Ardan

The jungle shop spawns 5 minutes into the game. Being even more intimidating than Krul, Reim has very high sustain and should be avoided at all costs in favour of squishier targets. This bar vaingliry also be used to track the cooldown on Blood for Blood, which can only be used when the bar is full. Retreat when a trap vainlgory in the way, and use the element of surprise. Celeste is squishy and therefore an easy target for weapon Ardan.

Furthermore, Tension Bow offers a huge power spike in tandem with the Blood for Blood overdrive at level 8 — something that Bonesaw cannot replicate.

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