The secret to drawing space is to have an intuitive understanding of it. When combined with a healthy dose of variety stars can convey fathomless depths. As a realm free from restraint or rules save those that we make for ourselves as artists, it has suffered the blows of ready-made filters, plug-ins, and campy computer-generated shortcuts like none other. Whereas the two previous nebula types have celebrated light, dark nebulae celebrate its absence, making them at once both foreboding and enigmatic. Sunspots mar a surface of churning texture, and erupting flares leap out into space.

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The legendary videogame box art of Greg Martin

One thing you see very rarely is a space image that is only space, only stars. Artofggegmartin IP Address Country ns A column of dust, for example, may have rivulets of light curling about it as wisps of dust farther from the main mass escape its shadow to catch light on attofgregmartin own.

By this I mean art that respects and considers the medium for what artoggregmartin is and what it can be. The final and most important element of light is its incredible importance to the mood of a piece. Page Title of artofgregmartin. I can only imagine how other artists feel about this subject, but for me, to draw something you must know it intimately. A close examination of Jupiter, for example, reveals that, while not possessing a visible ground surface, it is imbued with layer upon layer of colossal and chaotic weather patterns.

Most often composed of dust and the raw materials for life, these variants of reflection nebulae organize around a star or a system of stars.


Are you truly your own artist if you do this? The quintessential characters of space, planets are often underdeveloped and srtofgregmartin. Many thanks to artofgregmartim artists for their excellent work, and for allowing me to show it here and to illustrate key points throughout the article. All of this is visible from space, and the largest storm system a planet can produce could very well be no more than a minor detail in the scheme of things. A cavern of nebulous dust could become even more dynamic than it is in a merely physical sense by the addition of light in the form of glowing stars throughout.

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Like other stars, it is wrtofgregmartin collection of gases that exist in a state of perpetual turmoil, a giant ongoing fusion reaction held together by the gravity of its immense size.

Like a crowd of random people, the sky reveals stars of different masses and in different stages of their lives. Often seen as ghostly apparitions in the sky, reflection nebulae are artofgregmaetin fantastic for alluding to depth and volume.

The impact of a piece is directly related to how effectively it is lit, because one of the main draws for such an illustration is the pervasive mood of mystery and awe that the scene would evoke in real life. When I draw nebulae, I never sketch or plan beyond the most whimsical of lines. Material is hurled forth in this process, spreading out in a wave of highly energized gas. It has a global traffic rank ofin the world.

Traffic Report Daily Unique Visitors: This is the entity known as the planet… not those annoying rendered texture balls that many think they are. Indeed, it has become common to denote brightness by merely upping the levels in a paint program, washing out the object to the point of whiteness.

Capturing Heaven

That covers the sheer physical nature of a sun…how they are used in art is a diff erent matter of study altogether. Unlike the charged gasses in emission nebulae, reflection nebulae deal with their component light sources up front, constructing fantastic inner spaces that are lit or in shadow depending on the position of their light sources.


Since most people have only seen them through the lens of false-color photography, just about anything can be made believable—and thereby even more spectacular—with a decent level of detail and at least a artofvregmartin towards their physical structure.

Artofgregmratin Book Summaries Book summary, book summaries for A planet is a creation that, when done properly, will convey endless levels of detail from the prominently visible all the way down to atrofgregmartin merely implied. Personally, whenever I attempt a project without a firm footing in the subject at hand I flounder.

The Horsehead Nebula below is a perfect example of a dark nebula, its eerie silhouette a sharp contrast to the brilliantly lit gases surrounding it. Of course, there can be an element of the dramatic without fire and ice so to speak.

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The Rosette Nebula is also an emission nebula, but a supernova remmnant. This means that they exist not only as singular specks in the deepness of space, but in clusters and galaxies as well. And the Earth is not alone… even the gas giants in our solar system are permeated to their very depths with detail. When a dying star of sufficient mass collapses inwards in the final stages of its death throes, it sometimes erupts in an explosion known as a nova, or in the case of larger stars, supernova.

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