Use those to build a Camp in place of the enemies. Uncheck ‘Hide Hidden Files and Folders’ 3. Arnor added not a complete faction Question Status Every time i try to download online patches i get an error saying file not found? First, take your style into consideration. Then, return to the Forbidden Pool and go north.

bfme 1 helms deep map

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helms deep eveningstar

Return the entire Strike Force to the Forbidden Pool, and head southeast from it to find a ramp that leads from the mesa to a narrow canyon.

Team together all the Ents, leaving Treebeard on his own. Second, you’ll probably want to build up a single army. The lumber mills are constantly hacking trees, so eventually you’ll run out of hiding places.

Take a single battalion of rangers and, like you did last time, set the nearby Mumakil on fire.

Helms Deep Darkest Night

The Orthanc, the large tower in the center of the base, cannot be destroyed. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

If everyone is set and the attack has still not commenced, save it and get ready. Several functions may not work. Answered I lost my discs but I still have the case, code, and disc ? So what exactly are you looking for?


When it goes down, you’ll get resources for your trouble. By Como Fight on land and sea! If all hell ends up breaking loose, the Elven Warriors’ ability to switch to swords will come in handy.

bfme 1 helms deep map

If i play the map my stupid front gate is missing. You will now meet the most bfmme unit of the game: Then, return to the Forbidden Pool and go north.

helms deep eveningstar [Lord of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth II] [Maps]

That means you’ll have to pour all your energy into destroying them. Posted 09 December – I think there’s one on the main site http: You currently have javascript disabled. Mega Minas Tirith vs Mordor by theking v. Keep me logged nap on this device. Also explore the rest of the mesa, and you may find a couple more treasure boxes with resources.

Keep your eyes on the stream and drain, and as soon as you see the mine, blast it to Mordor.


Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. It’s the final version of this map. I lost my discs but I still have the case, code, and disc ?

Battle for Middle Earth 2 Heaven :: Helms Deep Darkest Night

Once the first lumber mill goes down, go east and take out the second one. They arnt a very complete and The third wave will have one unit who is carrying a mine.

bfme 1 helms deep map

Place Frodo and Sam inside it when it’s built, and cloak them. Bart Administrator – Thursday July 26, – 5: Don’t make any of the standard archers, despite them being cheaper.

One player takes right Gate Control. If there are only a handful, it’s less dangerous to just send only Faramir forward for now.

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