I have a vague recollection of having seen it before or something similar. With a little help from a Vector Illustration program, the same face could be stretched or compressed to serve as a base for text art matching the Compressed and Extended variants. Your help will be appreciated. Mecanorma Globe Gothic M N file name: Dresscher, Roger Excoffon, U. Mecanorma Collection Viant file name: Mecanorma Collection Aster file name:

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Mecanorma Organda file name: Fumarolo, William Gillies, N. Mecanorma Collection Isonorm 10 01 file name: OptiBinghamtom PrimaReport Brendel.

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Mecanorma Collection Voel Beat file name: Mecanorma Collection Celtic file name: Mecanorma Collection Dynamo file name: Mecanorma Collection Forelle file name: Carrr – more alternatesBosanova Arsenal, Corel. Mecanorma Collection Sayer Script file name: Mecanorma Collection Hansson Stencil 10 06 file name: Image Club released as an ITC face; then it was withdrawn. I’ve located “Andes,” which is similar to “Plaza” used to write “Nancy,” but I can’t find a free font similar to “Fontesque” used to write “Fancy.


Agfa same-named version in FontShop FontBook, p. Mecanorma Collection Rondo file name: Maynard PatrickBroderick of Rotodesign. Mecanorma Collection Estro file name: Doesn’t bkippo to be exact, but something similar. Here is a sample And it’s a nice weight, slightly lighter blippo black mn font a Myriad Black.

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Blippo Black Poster Outline P. Your help will be appreciated. Mecanorma Collection Sayer Fonh file name: Mecanorma Collection Chicago file name: Mecanorma Collection Glowworm file name: Maybe one of those CorlDrw7 packaged fonts that I vowed never to use. Gophmann also did a backward-leaning version named Favorit Grotesk. Mecanorma Collection Bulletin Typewriter file name: Solo categorized as “Barnums” or Barnum-like. Blippo Complete Family Pack. Never could find out what happened.

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Mecanorma Collection Access file name: Thanks in advance for your help! Can anyone help me out? Adobe, Monotype, et al. Adobe has it by orig name.

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