By using this button a new song will be created. By using the text editor you may write the lyrics from scratch. This is why it is a very fast and easy procedure. If you’re an aspiring guitarist or just playing the guitar is one of your hobbies, you should probably know that there are several third-party applications such as Chordastic that can help you enhance your experience. You cannot write lyrics directly to the music tab. Chordastic is not only a music tab editor but an ideal place to organize your songs since the user can access them easily for viewing, editing , printing or sharing them with friends. At any time you can transpose up or down the existing chords by pressing the transpose buttons on the toolbar or the menu.

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From the header tab you can deside which information will be visible into the music tab. Music is my hobby and became more enoyable chordastic this tool! You may select to use full note text chordastic change the text draw symbol, position etc. Also it would be nice to chordastic as a. What do you think we have to add?

At any time press the button on the right top of this panel to synchronize chordastic database with windows folder.

Chordastic for Windows 7/Vista/XP

You can set the path that your songs exist and will be saved each time you create a new song. The interface has been designed to be user friendly, using editing automation for saving time. Adding chords can be done chordstic chordastic a selection on the piano interface and clicking chordastic above the text, where the chord should be played.


Only register users are allowed to enter this option. The program formats the music sheets chordastic, and I don’t want to have to print it, then scan it as a PDF just to keep the format the same for use on my tablet.

Thank you for chordastic kind words! My PDF printer of choice is bullzip. If you chordastic a chord at a position and there is a similar lyric line below this position, the chord will be automatically copied to the following line.

Online help for Chordastic

You can change the format of the lyrics, the chords, the title and the rest of the information by clicking the corresponding tab.

By pressing chordastic paper tab you can modify page margins. By clicking the arrow more fields will come up for an advance searching. USD 24 License Conditions: For more detail about software: The most recent songs are chordastic so you can open them directly by clicking on them. Each time Choradstic starts the welcome page helps you to choose your next action. I emailed these guy and they responded in a timely matter.

Unable to load more. You chordastic create a new song or edit an existing one by selecting it through the music pool. Then you simple chordastic on the left button above the letter of the lyric that you need to add it.


I am considering purchasing this product, but I don’t see a way to save the file chordastic my hard drive in the same format as Chordastic see on the screen. You can change display parameters for your current song and you can also change default display parameters by pressing the corresponding tab button.

Presentation video of Chordastic 1.

Chordastic (free version) download for PC

Chordastic comes with a simple, user-friendly interface that packs intuitive controls so that chordastic novices can understand and operate them without considerable efforts. Demonstration All Cgordastic software Chordastic Since repeated chords exist to all songs, using this feature will allow you to finish your music tab faster. Awesome product and Great Customer service!!!!

This is a place to discuss about Chordastic, the chordastic and chords editor. Search Contact Privacy Policy. Left click on the corresponding title to open the song that you wish. Chordastic is chordastic easiest way to create and manage music chord tabs.

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