It would not be geographic as a cell phone network cannot and should not be location specific as it can easily push it out of competition especially in a business environment like Pakistan. Now comparing the prices packages being offered, Warid and Ufone have their prices lower compared to Djuice as Djuice has more market share than both of them. Hi I m planning to launch sounds of kolachi on 4th may in karachi. Djuice need emerges when Youth feels that they need a package which can cater to them by providing a basic and inexpensive solution to talk to their kith and kin. Free Customer Care call center is a thing of the past for Djuice. Having said this, prices are kept so as to match the new entrants in the market.

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Services may include that what type of SMS packages, internet packages, etc. Therefore, the theme of all the advertisements is generally djuice friend finder cool and catchy. Djuice is intended duuice youth and hence youth is likely to opt for the packages which are solely for them.

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Secondly, there are ones who love to spend their nights staying awake and chatting with friends. TVCs are characterized by Cool and unique themes with unique offers. The segmentation therefore, can be seen as totally being on behavioral, psychographic and demographic basis.


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Telenor having the second largest market share in Pakistan goes for defensive as well as attacking price strategies. Those who switch to this specific package normally make calls at night i. This friennd gona be big musical event fusion of jaz n rock.

Djuice thus, further can be categorized into packages that are. Consumer can vouch for that and this past learning tends to motivate youth to go for djuice. Mobilink has the highest market share of Although the involvement is not as high as in the case of a Sony Bravia or a Porsche Carrera, consumer in Pakistan is quite value djuice friend finder which duuice the fact that they know what is their major usage when it comes finded their phone.

Over the djuice friend finder decade the telecom sector has matured and become very competitive. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Therefore, the consumer involvement is higher than in the case of pure convenience goods. The profits annually, are on the rise and so are the sales. Both budget and time vary from product to product and the reason is type of product we dhuice buying. After searching that what packages are available, what a consumer will do is that it will evaluate alternatives.

Djuice – The most successful youth brand of Pakistan | Moazzam Ayaz’s Blog

There is a decision buying behavior associated with every product as shown in the table above. Telenor Pakistan has segmented the market on a mixture of different criteria.

Djuice keeps its customers involved in its day to day new offers and activities through SMSs, Emails and facebook fan page. Marketing Strategy Over the last decade the telecom sector has fridnd and become very djuice friend finder.


Stay updated via RSS. Due to vast network coverage, Telenor has to keep its distribution in flow. Corporate Communicat… on Corporate Communications frame….

Djuice by Telenor has been able to provide better network coverage and better voice quality in times of need also. First are the ones who generally want a cheaper call rate whether it is day or night.

Queries and issues are now fiend addressed through Facebook page and even through Text messages. Notify me of new comments via email. Djuice has been designed in a way that its quality and branding attracts mostly the teenagers. This site uses cookies. Djuice friend finder we go, we need to communicate and hence djuce is a basic necessity.

Djuice, like other packages being offered by different telecom companies is a variety seeking behavior product. Djuice has always played aggressive in the market by making it as cheap as possible. Hi I m planning to launch sounds of kolachi on 4th may in karachi.

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