Wed Nov 18, 7: Overall, if we’re looking for a downside, it’s simply that EQuick forces you to do things one way, via the graph. We really hope you’ll enjoy our modern vision of EQ for the future. Fix samplerate issues in Wavelab for VST3. There’s also a band numbering, which helped us considerably. I did demo it like 6 months ago or so, or rather i demoed the EQuality which i found sounded teh awesome. I only use it in Live btw.

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The EQ itself is simpler in some ways than Equality, because it only includes two modes: All of this means there is a small learning curve, and after our initial random clicking in the window, we headed straight to the manual for clarification.

Dualism Post-Production Every Channel: Find dmg equick posts by dr dmg equick. Fixed obscure potential crash bug. For its users, it’s made EQing and mixing a faster, easier and more enjoyable process. Fixed Solo in Stereo Mode menu. Send a private message to mgoorevich. Thanks, ill spam around in there if he doesn’t reply.


I would buy it if equality was fixed. Reduce saved preset sizes further. Speed up mousewheel adjustment of filter slopes.

Also, dmg equick can always contact Dave if you have found a bug. As much as I like to complain about bad software and bugs just wanted to say for the record DMG hit is out of the ball-park with the plugin. Fixed bug whereby host redraw would slow down when UI was open.

EQuick is a streamlined, ultramodern EQ built to help you make your mixes magnificent. Tue Dec 20, 1: Fix obscure race-condition bug.

Find all posts by mgoorevich. dmg equick


Fixed issues relating to window resizing in ProTools. Improve determinism of automation when rendering. Fri Dec 07, I think the standard EQ’s in Logic are pretty transparent already. I want to dmg equick an adjustment and move on. Originally Posted by Brandonx1. But we couldn’t do that at the expense of control, so we built the tooltip system that provides you will all the data you need, when you need it.


MicronautAnalog IndustriesAudio Damage. Mon Mar 26, 7: Mousewheel zoom disable 1. I also don’t seem to have any problems. Overall, if we’re looking for a downside, it’s simply that EQuick forces you to do things one way, via the graph. You cannot post new topics in this forum You dmg equick reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

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Fix mousewheel handling on Windows. Linear phase mode for mastering and special channels 32 bands of EQ, Q 0.

Versioning display for binaries.

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