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You can take damage from either having Smough land on you, or from being under his hammer when he lands. Consisting of one of the Four Knights of Gwyn who formerly hunted dragons , and an executioner of superhuman size, they were assigned to protect the Lordvessel from intruders and function as the final boss of the Anor Londo level. Keep your attention on the other boss while attacking his partner. It makes a lot of sense for Ornstein to be one, too. The attack has decent tracking and hits rather far in front of it and can go through pillars if you are close enough, but its hitbox is quite narrow, simply roll to the side. This is often enough to KO a player. And you have to be real quick getting rid of him, because Solaire is extremely efficient and capable to kill Ornstein alone.

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I wasn’t us, but whoever it was, they were wearing Smough’s armour and I remember thinking how fitting it was. By standing behind a broken pillar drragon enough distance between you and Ornstein, he will keep using the lightning bolt attack and you can shoot at him from a safe distance with dravon fear of the other attacks.

Spear Slam Similar to the one used in round one, but he’s just bigger; plan accordingly. Despite his large size he is extremely agile, using his spear and projectiles to reach great distances with his offensive onslaught. Dave Cook of VG called the “feeling of jubilation” ddagon he beat Ornstein and Smough “unmatched in all my years as a gamer”, also praising the Dark Souls community for helping him to defeat the bosses.


Dragon Slayer Ornstein (Exclusive)

Be wary that even if you get him in his lightning bolt attack, he can still stop the attack and resume his usual pattern of attacks, so be ready to pull out your shield when that time comes. It was said that Ornstein’s spear could ornstin a boulder in two. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. The telltale sign of this attack is when he starts to kneel and gets in a pouncing stance, once he does this, prepare to roll out of the way.

Do not attack one boss without knowing where the other is and what he is doing.

I’m extremely fond of the design so I wanted to do something special, turn him from one of four knights into something almost… heretical. Slaher Electric Hammer Smash Smough will leap forward while bringing his lightning-charged hammer down in front of him. If you defeated Smough first, Ornstein will pray and absorbs Smough’s power, becoming twice his size while retaining his lightning power and speed.

Dragon Slayer Ornstein (Exclusive)

So this just happened, I joined as a phantom to farm for medals and we got to the main hall before the boss fog and were fighting the giants host wanted them dead for some reason and randomly the animation for Ornstein dying and Smough going super mode popped up. You can also make smart use of the pillars to block this attack. If your health gets low, get behind a pillar before healing.

The tracking is sub-par but unpredictable. This might not be Ornstein either, but things are cast into serious question by the fact that it’s possible to find Ornstein’s armour next to the Nameless King boss in Dark Souls 3, along with the a description stating that Ornstein left Anor Londo in order to track down Gwyn’s first born.

This raised a few red flags, and he was never appointed. The AoE of the impact zone is hard to predict, so rolling forward or through the attack is not recommended since the hammer or even Smough himself may still hit you. If you are in the middle of trying to attack him, it is possible to be hit both by the electricity, and the force of Smough’s body impacting the ground at the same time, usually resulting in a KO.


Ornstein and Smough | Dark Souls Wiki

I remember the Channeller’s design was put forward around the same time as Smough’s and we all took to referring to them as the four knights; Knights C and D, if I remember correctly. Be the first to review this product. Another option is to actually run into his chest and wait for the swing to go by behind you. Jesus Christ, took me like 4 hours nonstop to finally kill.

Smough will pull his hammer back to one side, and then swing it around to the other side, where it eventually impacts the ground. He may also send large lightning bolts at the host in a similarly dangerous fashion. Trample Charge One of Smough’s more dangerous attacks, even in his regular form, involves him dropping his hammer in front of him in both hands, and running towards you.

Buttslam Smough leaps straight up in the air, and then crashes down on his rear end while holding his hammer sideways. At first I got to super Ornstein first try actually but their cheap movesets kept killing me over and over again.

Smough will leap forward and drsgon his hammer on the ground in front of him. Product details can subject to change without further notice. Ornstein will swing his weapon in vertical and horizontal arcs, up to four times. Gravelord Sword will also inflict poison, but only after 4 or 5 hits in quick succession.

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