I then saw your known issues part — Issue: I used this and when i start my phone, it asks me for gmail account.. Robert, Just load the dreaimg. I have tried re-downloading the files with no success. Am I supposed to flash the expansion like the actual rom and do i need to do the cache to sd through the recovery image or will the expansion pack do. Get Back to Donut Android 1. Brian, Nice addition, just added it to the procedure.

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Aaron, Yes it does. I do not want the HERO…. Modded recovery and boot dreaimg.nbj by Dreaimg.nbh. That means you never had a custom recovery image.

How To: UnRoot Your T-Mobile G1/Get Back to Donut

I had formated the SD through windows but not through the phone. It will still be unlocked, but you need dreaimg.nbh data plan in order to activate the phone. If you want you can add it as a solution B to the 1st issue on the faq above.

Hello GEM, Just sign up for a free account. The file is in the wrong place or named incorrectly. If you see the recovery screen dreaimg.nbh are still at the G1 logo after 20 seconds, THEN remove the battery and put it back in and continue with the next step of trying to hold the camera and power button and so on. Dreaimg.nbh off the phone. It was all working fine as a rooted phone until suddenly this error started. End will not start dreaimg.nbh update and the trackball will not exit.


Robert, Just load dreaimgnbh dreaimg.

Kilasin, Skip the SPL section, dreaimg.nbh straight to the dreaimg. I hav a question for David or clemshady wat is a card reader and my fromat says fat32 I dreaimg.nbh choose any other format.

Need DREAIMG.nbh for SA HTC Dream?

I have downloaded it three time and all three times I get the same error when I try to update the phone. Currently there are three flavours available: Dreaimg.nbh dreaing.nbh dreaimg.nbh either the SPL you are loading needs to be redownloaded and put back on the card and tried again.

Then boot dreaimg.nbh bootloader and continue. Hello Void, Glad it worked! Should be fine, let us know if it comes in 3 days. Thanks for letting me know it was down! draeimg.nbh

How To: UnRoot Your T-Mobile G1/Get Back to Donut

Here’s my 78th pixelart tutorialthis one is about impact. Bosnian, Read the Reported issues. I got to the Loading Roms video, however when it came time to wipe and apply Dreaimg.nbh had 2 update. The second update keeps aborting… what do I do… and since the dreaimg.nbh update is also named update do I delete it once it is finished updating or do I rename it and leave it on dreaimg.nbh SD Card. Search the forums there Thanks for such detailed info.


Thank you David for all the great information and help. Just goto the Dreaimg.

Download HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) | – The Independent Video Game Community

Hello Kyle2blue, Download the dreaimg.nbh again and drewimg.nbh again, otherwise that means you dont have root. If it still persists after unrooting, call HTC. Should be in the reported issues actually.

Dreaimg.nbh can now sign in with your gmail account You probably need to fill out the APN settings again. Hello brick4byrd, Just goto the How To load a custom rom procedure and do the last section; use an sd adapter to load a dreaimg.nbh rom onto the sd card, then put it into the phone and boot to recovery, wipe and apply the update.

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