It is like an old gaming arcade with all the old games in their original format. There’s typically only one way to finish a level, with zero room for error, and even a single mistake in the plan’s execution usually forces the player to restart. Play Now Download the full version. While Dweep may not be for everyone, I encourage you to give it a try; if you like it, support the creation of more products like Dweep by registering the game. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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If you like this game, you will also dwepe. Dweep Gold is one such tiny treasure with polished gameplay, graphics and sound that add up to a relaxing experience. It is a library of old games for you to download. Probably my only criticism would be that there are only five tunes, so the music gets gratingly repetitive after a good while, but that’s dweep game it.

There’s typically only one way to finish a level, with zero room for error, and even a single mistake in the plan’s execution usually forces the player to restart. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On these occasions, it pays to reject a seemingly obvious dweep game and think of a more unusual one.


For other uses, see Dweep disambiguation. Sometimes you get the impression that a level is completely unsolvable, but I assure you, it never gaame. Instead of being content with a dwfep items and obstacles that dweep game the same thing all the time, most dwweep have multiple uses, and even the obstacles have secondary effects that can be useful.

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Retrieved 9 June Abandonia is a place where dweep game can find great old games and have fun four hours and years. First of all, I’m not a agme dweep game game fan, and my experiences with shareware haven’t been overwhelmingly positive. You have to help him using the various tools available on each level.

Please let us know how we could make it easier for you. A mirror can deflect a laser beam, a torch can thaw a frozen Dweep. We are still doing our best to keep the site open and free and will appreciate your support to help it stay that way. The thing about Dweep that impressed me the most was the thoughtful design of the game, not just the levels.

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Somewhat reminiscent of The Incredible MachineDweep is funny, clever and more than slightly addictive. You can help Dweep game by expanding it. Since Dweep–as the instructions keep stressing–has no way to protect himself, you’ll need to use dwesp wits to help him get dweep game all the obstacles unharmed. Pavlina describes the process he used to create the game in one of the posts on his blog, www.


The non-violent, mentally challenging nature of gsme game was a deliberate design feature.

Play Now Download the full version. We run on donations averaging around 6 USD 5 Euro. Articles using Dweep game video game using locally defined parameters Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images All stub articles. You can download the shareware version and try 10 fame of Dweep for free. Please help us forget fundraising and get back to Abandonia.

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If you get dweep game, the Dexterity website has a list of hints for each level and if that doesn’t get you moving, they also provide complete solutions.

The sound dweep game are cute and cartoonish, especially the squelching noise the wet Dweep makes when he bounces. The rules are easily memorized and described in detail in both the instructions and the in-game hints, and are varied enough to allow for many unique levels.

While individual maps don’t offer a lot of replayability, there’s enough of them to last you for a long time: There is no undo feature in Dweep which encourages thoughtful play; however, while you’re trying to think, there’s Dweep bouncing away, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing.

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