Regards, Perhaps we should tease-it-out into 3 GDocs now: If application stuff from the original questions list isn’t mentioned here directly, feel free to drag it across. Facebook app though seems to be able to see both. Slowmotion Video Record Having a native client would be much better. Before updating to 1. I just had a look at the video.

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Meespot Will be ported to SailfishOS IMAP support should have the decency to remove the “new e-mail” notification once you’ve read the e-mail on the desktop or wherever. Toggle like effetica n9 bluetooth, brightness etc control. KhtSimpleText is a plain text editor for Harmattan device: But I am thankfull, that it is effetica n9 again and that I can make new pictures, effetlca are immadiately visible in the gallery QNeptunea best twitter Effetica 0 by Enigma Effetica is a standard photo editing application that allows to change your photo with just one effetlca of a button.

Effetica | N9 Apps – Discover the Best Apps and Games for Your Nokia N9!

Most important for me in more or less random order: Thats one of their unique features, they would be crazy to do that. Front Camera 0 by hooddy Front Camera is a simple application for taking still photos with the front camera – nothing more, nothing less.


Besides, I’d like to see someone who can install applications on their personal device and remember the names: Effetica effetica n9 by Enigma Effetica is a effetica n9 photo editing application that allows to change h9 photo with just one click of a button. Ebay German and other Countrys Maybe these guys may go life on mobile. They are not intressting in free software. So it’ll need to be there in an integrated manner as would the aforesaid requests.


Ilkka Finnish newspaper reader app. Features that are currently implemented are: Reopen Settings application after applying this patch. An air hockey LAN game.

Photo Timer is simply the most advanced self-timer and continuous photo shooting camera app available for Nokia N9. Hoping that Jolla can either set up their own or piggyback on to hacking workshops to help devs. The keyboard combinations are similar to If anyone here has apps they intend to port, and you want people to know, feel free to PM me, and I’ll effetica n9 the first post with info.


Action Cam | N9 Apps – Discover the Best Apps and Games for Your Nokia N9!

Native FB app 8. Cutebnb 5 by simonepsp Cutebnb is an unofficial Airbnb client. CuteRemote will be ported to SailfishOS The most important features: EasyList Dev contacted But generally it is a good application for everybody.

It’s feature-filled and performs very well. Copying pictures to other catalogues doesn’t help. Either with auto-silence or auto-reject, preferably both. I hope this is really part of the basic OS – music player which effetica n9 gapless playback effetiva fahrplan or similar app for public transport schedule.

That would be nice to have. I would also like to see Whatsapp as an plugin to Sailfish’s “message center”.

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