And only a spattering amount of icons are tweaked as the theme struggles to live up to its name. So here it was. Well, try to remove anemone and reinstall it using proper sources from Cydia. There is a lot of demand for a dark mode in almost every aspect of an OS these days. With vibrantly colored icons, slightly tweaked to prove their singularity, this theme is an all-time favorite for a lot of users. But it sure is the cutest theme you could slap on your iPhone. Best Themes for the iPhone.

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An added layer of depth makes things more intriguing. You should know how to install a package using Cydia.

Best iPhone Themes

Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close featured google android tech jailbreak. As of this post, it is used as a placebo featured image so that none of the themes featured inside would kill the suspense if set as a featured equox.

I hate equix iphone 4s theme say this but Oyster has some of the cutest looking icons of all the themes available. Ever wanted that El Capitan look on your iPhone? How does Wi-Fi Work? iohone


It only completely re-imagines a few icons but adds a faded shade to the rest. You will want it. Similarly, a life is no life without apps.

It has iridescent icons that look good on any iPhone, preferably the black variants. If you are a fervent themer, you might have come across this theme once in your lifetime. It has circular masking thfme all of its icons, which is the signature design of icons on Macs. Well, with this theme, you can get that look. It feels like a theme for riches. Nitsua Compatible to iPhone 4 6. Iphoen though a faded look is not what you might want to go for theoretically; this themme nails it.

Although, the best part about this theme is that it also offers to modify the status bar, the respring logo, the equix iphone 4s theme UI sounds, the classic labels, and the classic icons for the settings app to match the iOS 6 habiliment.

Relax for iPhone 4S theme – Free iPhone Themes

Although, if you know; you can skip to the list by clicking the button below. I hahve problems everytime Kphone install anemone, it crashes my jailbrake and i have to do it all over agian. How to Set Up a Wireless Bridge. Simply put, Salvation is just a theme where the icons are dyed red. How to organize your life better using technology?


iThemeSky com – Google+

And the best part is that icons are not fiddled with immensely, rather just tweaked a little bit so that you can remember which icon ihpone which. While Cydia, no doubt, happens to be the best alternative for the iOS, it is not the lone player in contention.

Not to mention the uniqueness of the way its icons are designed. Winning and Failing at the same moment! You can check out this theme here. Computer Equix iphone 4s theme Rebooting Itself.

Relax for iPhone 4S theme

Theming is undoubtedly one of the most important attributes of iPhone customization, but the fact that you need to jailbreak your iPhone to customize it makes many people think twice before opting for the same. Stencil lives up to its name by literally forming stencils of app icons on the home screen.

It always needs a little bit of tweaking to outlive being eloquent. Three new themes added. This is what happens when Apple dabbles into music.

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