Shuyu tells Kanu that they will protect her at all costs from that mad man. Join millions of subscribers and receive daily updates, news and special offers directly to your inbox! Honestly it was very unrealistic of them to let him just join like that, Jia Xu even said that he might backstab them, yet Chouhi is all like we’ll see what happen when it come to that. Overall Jyuza Engi 2 is a disappointment, I ended up liking a few route but you know this game is a sequel to Ryuubi’s route in the first game, I also am so sad that they should’ve given Jia Xu, Sun Quan and Guo Jia proper routes, I mean we got nice endings with everyone in the first game why reset that and make use win their hearts again? The next day Kanu wakes up they’ll glad she’s okay but are worried sick. Later that night Shuyu visits her in her room again, he jokes around but he wanted to see her face one last time, they talk for a bit and asks if he can stay and sleep with her. FFS Shuyu you freaking manwhore

jyuzaengi engetsu sangokuden psp

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The presence threats Kanu again into giving up her body because soon Chouryuu will disappear They get all lovey dovey and Sousou can’t bear to see it anymore and tells his men to aim.

Juuza Engi Engetsu Sangokuden 2

This site uses cookies. Sousou realizes something and tells Kanu that Shuyu is a filthy Jyuza different from her or the other kitties, that he is infected with aids-like disease and thats is also jyuazengi killed the other members of his clan and that he himself doesn’t have long, Shuyu starts coughing First, since the Chinese and annoying Japanese readings of the characters are quite different, sangokudsn me re-introduce them, with random historical bits I remember thrown in Liu Bi Army Liu Bi — Is read Liu Bei in the Chinese way.


Once they arrive and see that Sousou is already at the castle they sanyokuden in and try to save Ryuuhyou while kicking ass and they find Ryuuhyou but he runs. Anyway they leave the village together, while traveling he tells her that he will get stronger so they can have a rematch later, they decide to set up camp in some forest No need to sneak Kanu in to the meeting to set up the alliance etc Lady Sun starts says she has to hurry and do something, leaving everyone puzzled.

Shuyu yells if asngokuden are a Maozoku where are your ears! Sousou is still after them like always For example, in Zhang Liao’s route Cho-ryou, Japanese pronounciation Chouhi jokingly says he’s hungry as well I don’t want to forget the memories I had with them in the first game for an alternative take, so why not give the new guys routes instead?

Chounn tells everyone about this. I’m convinced this guy is just a huge troll It’s jyuzasngi Cao Cao Kanu ends up laughing He tells her he feels inferior because of his past and wants Kanu FFS Shuyu you freaking manwhore Meanwhile Shokatsu and the kitties come to Ryuuki for help, they hear about Kanu.

Juuza Engi – Engetsu Sangokuden – Playstation Portable(PSP ISOs) ROM Download

Meanwhile Ryuuki, doesn’t accept Kanu stopping his war plans because he worked. As usual, Chou Un tries to be the man who wants to protect everybody, pissing me off greatly since I hate sexist people.


jyuzaengi engetsu sangokuden psp

Some soldier reports back to Guo Jia and Kakouen about what happened but they don’t. Sousou tells Kanu will live for Sousou’s sake from now on and that he will protect her I only really liked Shokatsu,Chouhi,Ryuubi and Kakouton’s route in this game but the rest was lacking Shuyu gives Sousou a self rich righteous speech Kanu over hears the bandits and gets captured as well, lmao.

Kanu runs and Kakouton says he will definitely get his revenge. Not to be picky, but it really does break up the storyline, leaving me completely undazzled.

Jyuzaengi – Engetsu Sangokuden Japan ISO ROM Download for PSP

I guess they thought it would be better to milk this series. Kakouton doesn’t like this situation one bit, and wonders why Kanu goes so far to save his bro. All packages are shipped directly from Japan.

jyuzaengi engetsu sangokuden psp

And when I say the cast was amazing, I’m not just saying they used big names which, jyuzaengj be fair, they did but I truly felt that the actors added depth to their characters and thus added real value to the game.

He says they should cut the crap and says that Kanu is his wife now and that.

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