In other projects Wikimedia Commons. KolourPaint is designed for casual work such as:. It is largely the same as “1. This page was last edited on 23 December , at In , I’ll have time to fully develop KolourPaint again. In version K Desktop Environment 3. Well, the details are on the entry of the Project History page.

kolourpaint windows

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KolourPaint is a free and open-source raster graphics editor by KDE. Existing users of KolourPaint are encouraged to update to 1.

KolourPaint –

A highlight of this release is the availability of experimental Linux distribution-independent binary packages that don’t require installation. The next pre-release of KolourPaint 1. In version K Desktop Environment 3. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Apply quickly as the deadline is May 8th. Simple things like cropping screenshots and drawing lines are now a UNIX reality – not a challenge.

Retrieved 13 October KolourPaint also has ports to MacOS [8] [9]. The bug affects most users of KolourPaint 1.

I am extremely grateful that so many people have sent helpful KolourPaint feedback and feature requests. Kolourrpaint and open-source software portal. Source code and Mandrake packages are available for immediate download. Well, the details are on the entry of the Project History page. Save local files atomically – KolourPaint will no longer truncate an existing file if the KImageIO library for the file format is missing or if you run out of disk space.


I no longer have time to develop the next feature release of KolourPaint. Are you a university student interested in helping out with KolourPaint?

KolourPaint download, free KolourPaint download.

Paste transparent pixels as white instead of uninitialized colors, when the app does not windwos pasting transparent pixels such as OpenOffice. Always enable the paste actions to guarantee that pasting from non-Qt applications is always allowed non-Qt applications do not notify KolourPaint when they place objects into the clipboard.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. KolourPaint makes everyday paint tasks practical for the average user.

kolourpaint windows

Like withI will continue to fix bugs. Nevertheless, my vision in of a free, easy-to-use paint program for KDE has been already realised. I hope to implement them eventually. Enjoying more than enhancements since the groundbreaking 1. One year later, a significant feature release anytime still does not seem likely. KolourPaint screenshot from Ubuntu.

kolourpaint windows

A list of KolourPaint ideas can be found here but you are free to suggest your own project. This graphics software —related article is a stub. If you use those older versions of KDE, your distribution may provide updated packages. A list kolourpaunt changes is available on the download page.


KolourPaint download, free KolourPaint on software download –

But why is the Tool Box in such a weird place, you ask? However, in the meantime, I hope that someone else will be able to step up to the challenge. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Alpha Channel Transparency Support allows now to edit images not only with full transparent or full opaque pixels but also with semi-transparent pixels blending colors on top of each other supported e.

kolourpaint windows

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