malfurion stormrage

The portal finally collapsed and trapped Sargeras in it. Illidan returns in Legion , the sixth expansion to World of Warcraft. This may include rewriting sections to ensure they are clear and concise, and wikifying. From there he flew to Ashenvale, where he noticed the corrupted Teldrassil. All the druids agreed to enter an enchanted sleep and keep watch over the tree in the Dream.

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Know Your Lore: Malfurion Stormrage

However, Malfurion understood what they were really doing: At the Darkheart Thicket Malfurion is freed and Xavius’s shade on Azeroth defeated, but his true form still lurks within the Nightmare. Join in Community portal Community stormarge Admin noticeboard.

He planned to use the Demon Soul himself to destroy all the demons and be The Hero Of The Day, but when that plan went awry, he and Malfurion worked together malfuriln reverse a portal Sargeras had created. If not for Illidan, there would have been no Nordrassil and no Well atop Hyjal, and Hyjal itself would simply be a very tall mountain.

Retrieved 17 September Malfurion was awakened to the sound of the Horn of Cenarius.

Illidan Stormrage – Wikipedia

Malfurion, the Kaldorei druids, and the Green Dragonflight pledged to protect the World Tree as long as they lived, and in return, the Tree would be linked to the druids that safeguarded it.

He is the twin brother of Illidan Stormrageas well as the loving and beloved husband of the high priestess of EluneTyrande Whisperwind. Wears full Tier 2, as is appropriate, although occasionally he switches into the Tier 1 helm.


A popular character, Illidan has also often been featured in various merchandise related to the Warcraft franchise. As time passed, the Highborne learned how to draw power from the Well and manipulate its energies. When they did, she was upset with Tyrande since the priestess had killed many of Maiev’s Watcher guards when she freed Illidan.

Malfurion immediately knew what the warlock was after; he would assail Mount Hyjal, and attempt to drain the mystical energies of Nordrassil. While the players aid Illidan and Tyrande in battling Mannoroth and Varo’thenMalfurion aids the aspects in closing the portal in the Well of Eternityforcing the Burning Legion out of Azeroth. Illidan then challenges the players to join him in defeating the Burning Legion.

The Dragon Queen told Malfurion that all portals to the Emerald Dream were closed, all except for Fandral’s hidden portal which Malfurion knew the location of.

Sometime later, he circled back south to Astranaarwhere Captain Summermoon was drawing Varok Saurfang out into the open for an ambush. The thousands of Ancestral Guardians, roused by nature herself, stirred from the trees and attacked Archimonde, detonating in an explosion so large it unmade Archimonde and incinerated the forests atop Hyjal, shattering the world tree and ending the night elves’ immortality. Please replace the old information with up to date information.

When taken to Remulos a vision of Malfurion, still trapped in the Emerald Dream, appeared and had a discussion with Keeper Remulos concerning the disturbing rise of the Four Dragons and the Emerald Nightmare: All the druids agreed to enter an enchanted sleep and keep watch over the tree in the Dream. Though it pained his heart beyond belief, Malfurion left Tyrande to rejoin the Emerald Dream, settling into his long sleep syormrage Malfurion’s Barrow Den in Moonglade.


After speaking with some of the druids here, I learned some unusual — and unsettling — facts. Malfurion and his twin brother, Illidanwere wtormrage at Lorlathil in Val’sharah [18] and grew up in Suramar as friends with Tyrande Whisperwind.

Fort Victory Shatterstone Harbor.

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Malfurion approaches Varok Saurfang. Furion consulted with the various dragonflights, and they decided to plant a tree Nordrassil on the well and safeguard it through the Emerald Dream.

The former demon hunter had resurfaced and recruited a race of amphibious snake-people known as naga to aid him in his plans, which had come to include the attempted slaughter of Shadowsong and her troops. He amlfurion as a revitalized Hamuul disposes of her, and the two friends leave. The two brothers ran off to look for the woman they both loved, and eventually Illidan rescued Tyrande while Furion held back mmalfurion undead forces. Night elf through and through, baby. Leader of the Stotmrage Circle.

Illidan agreed to help the night elves mostly because of Tyrandebut Furion refused to let bygones be bygones and would not trust his twin. While Malfurion had spent a lifetime fighting for the dream of what Azeroth could be, he now must fight for what it is. It is requested that a screenshot or screenshots be included in this article to mallfurion its quality.

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