Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you happen to be in Germany at some point and get a chance to see Megaloh perform, do your rap-loving-self a favor and go check him out. German rap may be stronger than ever, but even the most popular German-language rappers are still unable to break into international markets without rapping in English. This change of language was only a smaller part of this honesty. It is in fact a dubious honor to be the current standout of German gangster rap, but he sure earns it.

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The second thing to know about German rap is that it will never become international like American rap.

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Megaloh live on Tour for his latest album Regenmacher Rain maker: When his family first moved to West Berlin, they were so poor they had to live in emergency housing alongside families seeking political asylum. His DJ and producer, Ghanaian Stallion, was just as on point. Make the most of megaloh live mcs DJBroadcast. You might also like More from author. Though rougher rapping artists eventually found major success in Germany, the these two different strains of German rappers have both become commercially successful and seem like they will be able to exist on the charts side by side.

This change of language was only a smaller part of this honesty.

Check This: Megaloh – Regenmacher Tour live – BeatTips

Next Post Check This: German gangster rapper Sido was raised alone by his Sinti mother. All stories Bookmarks Trending. Megqloh me of follow-up comments by email. For Megaloh, much of that change was about honestly presenting who he was.


Though Bushido has received more criticism than any other rapper for falsely manufacturing his gangster personality, megaloh live mcs was one of the first few German megaloh live mcs to rack up a criminal record for graffiti and drug trade before finishing school. Rapper MC Fitti further proves that German rappers, unlike their American peers, can easily build a career without harder attitudes. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Megaloh also had the support of two live musicians on stage: Although this means that their music is hugely indebted to the sounds of the Caribbean, it also allowed the group to create a style of rap that was, in its own small way, unique to Germany.

Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Besides his highly technical skills and striking voice, he has the charisma and energy to keep the audience captivated from beginning to end.

Chapter 3 – Musical (African) Americanization

megaloh live mcs Since nowadays one is used to see rappers spit over their own vocals especially many contemporary US oive or tracks being performed in a marathon fashion — only playing the first verse and maybe the hook – it was extremely refreshing to see Megaloh perform. A password will be e-mailed to you. Seeed has achieved more international popularity than any other German liev artist, likely because some of their albums were also translated into English — Music Monks and Next!

But to be successful internationally, you have to rap in English. Megaloh found success after he began to rap honestly about his life as an average working class German.


Pas je persoonlijke instellingen aan. As the commonly quoted Mandela phrase notes: A dancer, music enthusiast, and writer from Vienna, Austria, Mariella is the co-founder of Get Off Your Robot, a music, dance, art, and technology festival.

After megaloh live mcs very short break Megaloh took the stage. The third megaloh live mcs German rap group of the 90s was Absolute Beginner, a Hamburg rap trio who, like Die Fantastichen Vier and Fettes Brot, charted a number of hits by avoiding the gangster subject matter of American rap. Prev Post Marquee Names: Although many German rappers like Megaloh spend some portion of their careers rapping in English, these rappers almost always find success only after they begin to rap in German.

The song, full of references to ports, sea air, and fish sandwiches, was an anthem for life in Hamburg and for broader north German culture. German rappers were content to define rap on their own terms, often borrowing a bit from the backbeats of early American rap, but using their lyrics to create predominant attitudes that were entirely different. Most came from families who moved to Germany during the s when the country was experiencing an enormous influx of immigrants.

Die Fantastischen Vier decided that just like American rappers used rap to represent their lives, they had to use rap to represent their own lives and their German identities.

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