Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit. First, u cannot copy dll’s and make them work. Page 1 of 1. Run the extracted ExchangeCDO. However, with the advent of the Outlook Email Security Update , CDO is far less useful, many developers are using Redemption instead in order to avoid the security prompts. My webI server has Outlook 5. This library is typically used to add email messaging functionality to custom programs.

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Collaboration Data Objects

NET Lbirary environment, although we’ve seen people use it. The patched version of CDO reports the same version as the unpatched version — 1. For the current version of this page, click here. When I manually run the same code below using BO on that server it works for my account whis uses that profile name but not automatically from BCA.

Description MsgBox errText Open “c: Run the extracted ExchangeCDO. How do I install CDO. For client applications, you must install Outlook in microsoft cdo 1.21 library to install CDO. Triggers Outlook security prompts. I gave up and used blat.


Using Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Programming

Once you use Outlook against an Exchange microsoft cdo 1.21 library, a change takes place in the mailbox properties that is incompatible with CDO.

Outlook adds objects and methods to move a long way toward parity with CDO — without security prompts. Starting with Outlookmucrosoft Outlook object model was greatly expanded to provide functionality that was previously available only by using CDO 1.

However, with the advent of the Outlook Email Security UpdateCDO is far less useful, and many developers are using Redemption instead in order to avoid the security prompts.

How do I install to email using CDO w/BCA

For example, the PropertyAccessor and StorageItem objects provide access to hidden fields and messages. Page 1 of 1. Skip to main content. When setup is complete, click Finish. Please see About OutlookCode. Mon Nov 04, 2: I am now able to see the cdo 1. I have Outlook and Windows on my PC.

Of particular concern are scenarios in which Outlook is configured to use microsoft cdo 1.21 library Exchange accounts. However, the redistributable version of CDO is no longer available. Microsoft product support can help developer customers migrate custom programs from using CDO 1. Fri Jan 10, To uninstall CDO, follow these steps: If you are running Exchange 5.


Triggers Outlook security prompts. Did this solve your problem? You know I need somebody. The first two can microsoft cdo 1.21 library used for creating and sending messages, but otherwise have little client application in an Outlook programming environment.

I’ll post it in Samples. Originally known as Active Messaging, the Collaboration Data Objects CDO library allows you to access the Global Address Microsott and other server objects, in addition to the contents of mailboxes and public folders.

Requires the VB 6. The Outlook and later versions object model includes some new features to expand on this more. Once you use Outlook against an Exchange mailbox, a change takes place in the microsoft cdo 1.21 library livrary that is incompatible with CDO.

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