MSComm control Remove the vbCr and see what happens. Output function and then the program loops until five characters are recievied into the serial buffer. Tuesday, January 22, 8: In few of other PCs the image is a white coloured box with cross marked at the center of it, which clearly signifies that these PCs do not support Microsoft Communications Control V6 on excel sheet. Visit our Linux sister site. At the properties – MSComm1, the settings i have change to ,n,8,1 What else configuration I need to set?

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If you mscomm control more basic usage questions with Microsoft Excel, you can also visit the forums at Microsoft Answers: I only need to output a stream of data conrrol using Timer1 as the counter generator.

Consequently no one could give a crystal clear clarity on the required setup that I may need to solve this problem.

If an ADR is used, mscomm control loop should be set clntrol 4 characters as a value of to will be returned along with a carriage return. How is the result incorrect?

Input properties the computer locks up.

Before exiting the program, the comm port must be disabled. What is the code I need to have in order for my mscomm control from the hardware to display in the label Please help me. No handshaking is needed, the motor will mscomm control reply with a single ‘bit’ wheh the count is completed.


ComPort ‘Virtual Serial Port. This post is several months old. Output function and then the program loops until five characters are recievied into the serial buffer. The teaching method used is to show a basic example of a VB4. When run, the port is enabled using the radio buttons and then AN0 is read every time the “Read AN0” button is clicked. The analog data is then displayed in text box 1.

Mscomm Control and Visual BASIC

As per your earlier reply to my query, i had successfully registered mscomctl. Sign in to vote. When you work with these controls, Excel displays the message Cannot insert object mscomm control you try to add them to a worksheet.

The MSComm properties allow the setting of communication parameters including port selection and port enabling functions. The program was built using radio buttons for port control, three command buttons, a text box to display analog data and the MSComm control for serial communications. Edited by susheel puranik Tuesday, January 22, 9: Form1 is created by default.

The code for the “Port Enable” mscomm control button is.

MSComm control

The code for this button is shown below. Now I am using a straight usb-usb connection from my pc to a device. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. Free Web Developer Tools. While your suggestion is a good programming practice ending a For Next loop does not require anything more than simply smcomm Second: MSComm control Welcome to the forums. Is it the application that freezes or the whole computer? The “Read AN0” button reads analog port 0 and displays the data in text box 1.


I,m using a USB-Serial Adaptor fom Maplin in conjuction with the examples in the second book, and everything works fine- I can output control signals on 3- Lines to my stepper motors.

Username Password Remember Me? Mscomm control forum is for general questions and feedback related to Microsoft Excel all versions as they pertain to the IT Pro community.

Actually mscomm control correct confrol is: When I look at the form in “design mode”, the mscomm control appears as a plain white box, as opposed to the “telephone icon” that used to appear previously on my PC.

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