This gives a good overview of the heating season for the design. This worksheet also includes humidity loads and the energy demand of dehumidification. This is where the power consumption of MVHR fans, defrosters and hot water pumps are entered, for example. The windows entered on the previous worksheet are reported here so that horizontal and vertical shading conditions can be entered. Energy balance calculation An energy assessment of the model is displayed after the analysis of the building model in designPH.

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Sound protection — tools and calculations.

What is the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP)? | PASSIVHAUS IN PLAIN ENGLISH & MORE

This worksheet also includes humidity loads and the energy demand of dehumidification. Wherever possible, specific algorithms resort to current international standards. The results of the variants are sorted into columns and calculated in parallel so that one can easily compare the effects of these parameters. This includes the Treated Floor Area, phpp software external wall, ground floor or basement ceiling and spftware surfaces.

Passive Houses for different sotfware zones more. In this way, planners can specify the corresponding minimum standard for the relevant building components in a refurbishment project depending on the climate data of the location. Is phpp software proposed house too big?

PHPP Demo Software

This can be considered with a reduction factor in PHPP. It also references back to the non-residential utilisation worksheet for selection of utilisation profiles. The hot water demand can alternatively be assessed in detail in order to ascertain further potentials for saving energy for example based on the use of flow-optimised fittings.


The Internal Heat Gains for Non-Residential Worksheet is the same as the previous worksheet but for non-residential designs. The system gets linked to the location of other building elements e.

Certification according phpp software the Passive House categories Classic, Plus and Premium The new Passive House categories Classic, Plus, Premium allow evaluation of building efficiency taking into account the interplay of energy efficiency and renewable energy generation. Once all the data is phpp software the worksheet reports back the efficiency of the MVHR unit as it will be in the design.

The calculations phpp software transparent and obvious so different assemblies can easily be tested.

Passive Houses in different climates. We need to massively cut CO 2 emissions globally.

The tried and tested Passive House Planning Package provides reliable results for the following:. Ohpp article was originally published phpp software issue 14 of Passive House Plus magazine. It allows for parametric design approaches to be developed.

designPH is set to revolutionise the way we use PHPP

Seals for Certified Passive House Sortware read more. It is also possible to set up multiple assemblies and swap where they are used in the later worksheets to check the results and optimise the assembly specification. Wall plaque for certified Passive Houses read more. New features and additions in the PHPP 9. However, the best use of the PHPP is as a design tool throughout the process. There are columns available for alternative PE factors and CO 2 factors to be entered also.


Similar to the heat load, the cooling load indicates whether or not the cooling could be provided through the ventilation system. It is happy to co-operate with suitable partners at any phpp software, provided softwarr phpp software conditions and requirements are met. A separate output-file for step-by-step retrofits was added to PHPP 9. And the way to massively cut CO 2 emissions from buildings, is to design buildings to meet the international Passivhaus Standard.

In this way, different refurbishment steps can also be entered in a single PHPP file, and their influence on the efficiency level can be depicted.

The Ground Worksheet is phpp software to calculate more accurately what the heat loss through the ground slab will be.

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The new passive house certification classes — classic, plus and premium — are based on the new PER evaluation concept. The building model can thus be analysed quickly and easily, particularly in the case of complex buildings, saving valuable time. It also contains softwarre directory of all the worksheets that lists the worksheet title, function, description and whether or not it is required for phpp software.

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