According to the back of the book: As for me, I feel a great urge to go dragon hunting in the actual Runescape game. Wonderful lore to add to the gaming experience. First page and second to post. The protagonist is a young hunter, Kara-Meir, who is also featured in the RuneScape video game. I really enjoyed this book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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I found the plot very intriging, especially the side plot involving the white knights and the involvment of Varrock.

Concentrates mainly on Squire Theodore as he learns the way of the knights, and Kara-Meir, a human raised by Dwarves, after her parents were zt by the leader of the invaders. Their one hope may lie in the hands, not of a knight, but of an untested squire named Theodore It was released on 19 June by publisher Titan Books. Languages Nederlands Edit links.

Betrayal at Falador – Wikipedia

And unless the knights can solve the riddle of Kara-Meir, everything they hold close may be lost. After runescape betrayal at falador battle, about 10, citizens of Falador cheer Kara Meir and hail her a hero.

Betryaal, concerned voices called out in the darkness. Whilst reading I did my best to find things I would have no idea about or found confusing in the book if I had not played. It allows for concepts to sink in betrayzl and become convincing to the reader. As I mentioned above, Betrayal is not a subtle novel.


Read the first chapter of Betrayal at Falador @ Titan Books

Church really has come through for RuneScape and medieval fiction fans alike. Since runescape betrayal at falador was T. Views Read Edit View history. You can help by adding to it. All the characters are great, though my favorites are Gar’rth, Ebenezer, and Bhuler. I really enjoyed this book. Are we supposed to relate to that and feel bad betraywl him that no one likes him? In Falador, Kara-Meir forces the werewolf Jerrod faladlr escape the city.

Read the first chapter of Betrayal at Falador

I thought it was amazing. Waiting for the reviews and then I might just read it myself. Along the way, he witnesses the gruesome sight of a butchered gypsy caravan. That’s all I needed and it would have been fine, and yet that never occurred.

For years authors have tried and often succeeded in breaking all of these genre foundations, runescwpe was pleasant to see an author go back to the days of yore. The final battle is probably runescape betrayal at falador favourite though, faladod obvious reasons.


Betrayal at Falador

Sir Amik Varze and his White Knights are fapador to locate the attack’s perpetrator, speculated to be a monster seen attacking travellers on the outskirts of the region. Jul 16, Cameron Harris rated it it was ok Shelves: Betrayal at Falador is really good. It reeks of classic fantasy adventure.

It was a life-sized statue of a knight which had come crashing down from the castle runesdape an hour after midnight, when the storm had been at its most ferocious. While Theod Betrayal at Falador is a novel based on the highly successful game, Runescape. Subtlety is an important thing in a novel.

Apr 29, Leonel rated it it was amazing. In a very cliche version of epic fantasy, Betrayal at Falador “Betrayal”has all your necessary components. Church, set in the RuneScape universe. One stumbled against Theodore, so that he was forced to loosen his grip on the runescape betrayal at falador torch and the light vanished as it splashed into a puddle.

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