In this case, use the Queues View to monitor the queues of parallel regions. The Queues View helps you diagnose possible bottlenecks in your application by identifying queues with a high tuple count. The number of tuples output by this operator in the past second. This provides a value calculated from history with weighting similar to that of an exponential distribution. Select a container name to restrict the Containers view to information about that container.


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The memory in bytes consumed in the server process by this client connection. The server URI remains in the Servers view list.


Streams View Shows, for the currently connected application, all input and output streams with a count of tuples that have passed through each stream. You must establish a connection to a running server instance the first time you run the StreamBase Manager utility. Sbmanageer with active connections are shown with a tree view that opens into a list of containers on that server and a list of connected clients.

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You can close Ubuntu Software Center when the installation ended. Shows a list of StreamBase Servers with active or recent connections. The number is approximate because there can be multiple parallel regions accessing the queue at the same time. Accept this URI if your server is running locally at the default port, or edit the URI to specify a different server or port.


Use the Stream Mappings section to specify one or more container connections from streams in the new container’s application back to streams in an existing container’s application.

If you exit and restart StreamBase Manager later, you only need to select the server’s entry in the Servers View to reestablish the connection.

Add Container Adds a new container to the selected server, analogous to the sbadmin addContainer command. Context Menu Actions for Containers.

SB Manager Perspective

For Aggregate operators, it is the number of windows open. The name of each input, output, and control stream in the running application. Refresh Re-reads the statistics from the selected server. Select a container name in the Servers View tree to restrict the Operators View to only operators in use in the selected container. To see the statistics for the specified server, select the connected server name.

Resizing and Restoring Views. You can view performance statistics for a running StreamBase application in several ways with several tools, as described in Monitoring and Profiling Applications in the Administration Guide.

The number of tuples enqueued on this operator’s input queues during the most recent snapshot interval.

Suspend Suspends operation of the application in the specified container, analogous to the sbadmin suspend container-name command. The Streams View lists the streams in the currently selected StreamBase application.



Connecting to StreamBase Server. For further information, see the Container Connections page in the Administration Guide.


The amount of memory currently used by the server. The amount of CPU time spent at user level by this threads. For all other operators it is 0. An advanced view that shows statistics for any parallel regions running in the selected container.

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The number of tuples output by this operator in the past second. Select a server URI to see statistics about that server’s applications. System streams from the system svmanager are shown as input streams. Fields in the Container Stream column are read from the specified application file.

Current size, the approximate number of tuples currently waiting in the queue for this stream. Connects to the selected server URI and stores persistent connection information; statistics from that server begin to display when the connection is made. The maximum memory allocatable for the server’s use. Select a client row to see its subscribed streams smbanager the bottom portion of the view.

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