It is fun searching and hopping in the www. The temple authorities honoured him suitably. Good luck and may devi kaamakshi bless you with more divine energy in all your good deeds. Due to the presence of closely knit Sahitya, the kriti sounds to be a tad above Chowka Kala. Thank you so much.

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Now that more authoritative sources are available, it becomes possible to present it with some confidence.

Shyama Shastri

Sir, Nice composition of the great saint Shri Shyama Shastri. You have not covered this. V Govindan September 15, at 5: Ganesan Ramani May 3, at 5: Sarojadalanetri starts majestically in Tarasthayi Shadjam and stays there. In some cases mELakarta assignments are controversial.

Shyama Krishna Vaibhavam: Alphabetical List of Kritis

Ktithis are also a number of krithis in Tamil attributed to him. Even the presence of gamakas like Jaru add emotional value. In the anupallavi, he asks Nyayama Meenakshi?


Thank you so much. Though I have an audio of this kRti sung by Maharajapuram Sasyri. The Romanization was performed originally by Santosh Rao. The same person appeared in his dream and reminded his earlier request. Sir, what you have done here is invaluable. Govinda Shyama sastri krithis, published in Chennai Errors in this list should now be minimal or nonexistent, perhaps consisting of typographical errors on my part.

Indeed great contribution for Music lovers to follow Shyama Sastri’s kritis with Lyrics. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I wanted the lyrics for ‘ brovu brovu manine’ in Keeravani. Subbaraya was trained in music orithis his father and became a gifted composer as well as a noted player of the veena.

He was later trained in music by Adiappayya, a noted durbar musician of Thanjavur. In short, the kritis in the Navaratnamalika group shine with rhythmical and melodical richness, swarakshara and praasa beauties, Raga-Artha-Rasa-Bhavas.

I am indebted to you forever. Before Syama Sastri, there shyama sastri krithis no musicians in the family. It has been created laboriously over the course of several years. They stayed under the protection of affluent patrons for over two centuries.


Shyama Shastri – Wikipedia

I shall respond by first week of Sep Thank you very much for your invaluable collection of Sri Shyaama Shastri’s Krthis. Meera Sreenarayanan October 21, at 1: Shyama sastri krithis order is the same as sasstri, without the headings. Kausalya September 28, Like all his other compositions, they are simple and moving.

Govindaswamy May 2, at 9: However, there remain some controversial points, as illustrated by the second paragraph above. It is said that he composed about three hundred pieces in all.

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