SpyAgent’s report generator provides useful Top and ‘Most Popular’ reports. Why Choose SpyAgent Besides being the most full-featured computer monitoring solution available, here are some more reasons to choose SpyAgent. How many computers can I monitor with SpyAgent? Pros Logs everything my children do on the computer – from websites to social activities. SpyAgent is developed and supported by Spytech Software, Inc. Remotely monitor and control your computer via your web-browser.

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Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition

Other other functions that cannot be part of any of the other groups listed, though a still very important such as parental control functions, languages, reactions to specific keywords, etc. Spytech SpyAgent will continue to be a leading computer monitoring solution for many more years to sputech. Computer Usage Sessions Track how long your computer is used, and how long users are active. Stnadard only fly in the ointment in this section is inability of SpyAgent to intercept spytech spyagent standard edition logon password and far from perfect file-activity monitoring.

Pleasant to look at, user friendly interface Multi-OS support Configurable self-removal System-inactivity time recording Grouping of the intercepted information into categories Great visual surveillance “Logs copied to a portable device” and “Sounds” features implemented Microphone Audio Recording Webcam Capture Recording Real-Time Remote Viewing Disadvantages: SpyAgent’s all-seeing eye can bring an array of benefits to your family or business environment.

Interface of SpyAgent is really clear and easy to use! After installation, the keylogger asks you to create a password and shows you “Easy configuration and setup wizard” that has only five steps three of them are “Confirm Settings””Apply” and “Finish” that will help you make a “quick configure” of the newly stanfard computer monitoring wdition.


Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition is one of the best keyloggers among those spytech spyagent standard edition have tested. The last one allows you to find all the information related to the selected event from standzrd the types of intercepted information.

Recommended for parental control, employee surveillance or monitoring of your home computer!

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Combine SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere to create the ultimate remote computer monitoring tool. Go to “Remote Log Delivery” Section. The main screen of keylogger software is also the place from which you can configure Spytech SpyAgent in a much more detailed way. Monitoring this group analyzes what monitoring functions the products has, such as keystroke, clipboard, file-activity, etc monitoring.

Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition – Download Free Trial, Discounts

Spytech Software and Design, Inc. We are positive you will be satisfied with SpyAgent’s operation. If you uninstall SpyAgent you can install on another computer you own and reuse the same license.

Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition perfectly monitors websites visited in all the 5 browsers listed in our comparison. This keylogger has absolutely all the features of this section implemented! Unfortunately, the interception of chat conversations made in messengers is not edltion perfect as all the described above.

This program features numerous functions and user friendly interface. Are they giving out personal information to strangers?


Spytech SpyAgent — the best Keylogger in the world! Remotely monitor with scheduled and on-demand email reports and real-time alerts. Activity Logging Features SpyAgent’s main purpose is to record everything your child or employee does. Pros Plenty of edtion, nice interface, good technical support. The purposes of employee monitoring ediiton parental control can successfully be spytech spyagent standard edition with the help of this ….

Years of listening to customer feedback and refinement has made SpyAgent into a world-class security solution that parents, families, schools, institutions, and corporations benefit from. SpyAgent can be ordered online in our guaranteed-secure environment and downloaded immediately after purchase. Events Timeline A chronological timeline of everything that has happened on your computer. Ensure others are not accessing your computer while you spytech spyagent standard edition away – and see what they are doing if they do.

If you have any problems that we are unable to resolve please contact us and we will give you your money back. SpyAgent’s main purpose is to record everything your child or employee does.

Last section in our review could also give Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition maximum points if it had been translated to other languages except English.

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