Luke Find More Posts by. If that was the case, there would be no proper story to Sonic 06, since the game is so awfully driven by the story. And I will reiterate that I was talking about a literal 1: The only times I have ever been on YouTube for the past three years were to either click on videos friends send me, or look for a new Vocaloid music video. Send a private message to 76Nova.

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Cant wait to see more! That thing is made in Unity. At the time I posted, I wasn’t aware how sth2d of the game was dependent on Lua, or sth2d of him possibly making Unreal kind of behave like ‘ Find More Posts by FoxBoy8.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2D GAME****

I sth2d, to me it was the equivalent of a dog that’s so ugly it’s kinda cute. FoxBoy8 Miles Tails Prower. Send a private message to MrBreada.

Send a private message to MotorRoach. Sapheros That sth2d that ports Permanently Banned. Find More Posts by 76Nova.


You’re not very good at this Luke.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2D GAME**** – KoGaMa – Play, Create And Share Multiplayer Games

Sth2d a private message to 76Nova. Send a private message to CobaltBW. I know what are you talking about.

Although there is always that slim chance they might make an exception for what was possibly the most poorly received and critically panned release sth2d the series’ history. Someone must have really been heart broken sth2d want to do this. Find More Posts by Katwover. It looked dead-on like a modded Generations to me; I couldn’t tell the syh2d. CobaltBW I do things sometimes.

Game list – SpeedRunsLive

Sonic 06 PC Port. It didn’t exactly read sth2d an “ass” tone to me, but I did feel the need to make it clear that even somebody who isn’t a dummy can make that mistake. Page 1 of 2. Actually, you might as well remove most of the cutscenes, if not all of them. Send a private message to Katwover.

The time now is Someone sth2d Gistix is actually making Sonic 06 for Pc.


Video: Full Release of “Sonic the Hedgehog 2D” Fan Game

Luke He’ll have to make changes because sth2d modding this sth2d top of Generations anyway. There’s no way any sane person would go through the trouble of literally porting a sth2d alpha that was ’06 to PC.

He’s very obviously using Unreal. Oh I guess there’s no harm in a few minutes of your time. I’m surprised anyone is bothering with this travesty at all, especially considering it’s nearly a decade old now. Find More Posts by Boom Sanic. All I could find were the Unreal videos related to the “team” making this thing.

And I will reiterate that I was talking about a literal 1: He’ll have to make changes sth2d of modding this on top of Generations anyway.

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