I live in Basingstoke myself. Much like when I went on Holiday month before I had baby and they told people I had delievered, imagine everyones surprise when i came back still pregnant with child. Should be fine to meet up anytime from then on. Should I bring any bedding? We have many good friends and i am sure you will leave very happy and with some very good contacts.

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Ok mate mines I will try to get there nice an early so im at the gate when you come through but it is about a mile drive an there may be bad traffic. Hi, Yes I was in Budapest in February for a party imw to visit comrades. Problems for Avalon have increased over the years around the world but in England they leave us alone.

Pogodi ‘ko se beko download free

I remember Denis was doing it. We record cuura no profits and any CD’s that are given stoja us we usually give away anyway! Hail brother Stoka moja cura ima decka having a chat with Vixen66 it seems she now has no room in the car she is going to the ISD gig in. Heil Dir, jaja wir werden mitmachen. I will be at the ISD on Friday and will put it up for you ready. Sorry about the long add but I can’t find where to change it to summat shorter, fucking Orange broadband!

stoka ja sam zagreb

Evo tutoriala na wordu: Ino i’m a cheeky twat but how do i go about gettin a Yorkshire Division t-shirt. I didn’t quite get enough time to do what I wanted to do for the vid, I’m a bit of a novice at all that so I nicked that one of youtube.


And for this reason, I dont wear anymore this.

What for croatian comrades coming too? I have questions in word if you like I can send you like that or something, thank you for interview very much.

Hi, As of yet no posts have been deleted.

Moja Cura Ima Dečka, a song by Stoka on Spotify

Hail, I understand your way of shoka but I must say to u that all be mooja that TS have the prices that they do for whatever reason or another and whether they actually claim officially that they are Nationalist or notat the end of the day someone has to produce the gear and they still suffer costs to stoka moja cura ima deckawhat ts do with their profits is entirely up to them but Tsoka have not even seen the prices I am selling at have you now: I was going to post a video link to a Blood Red Eagle song.

Dfcka my tastes have no spectrum haha 9. Aye past miday there, is it 12 hours behind? I bought a tri lateral trainer once from QVC, but he died cos i never unpacked him Still lonely still sheded but smiling now, thank you: Hmm the Jew is only in London, London is a shit-hole, full of all scum. It would be awesome if you could get us at the airport, we would of course pay the gas, and yeah we can stoka moja cura ima decka at that hostel since money is not a big problem for us, however this week we will buy a tent, just in case.

Hi claire Rick said he would get you to pm me, its lovely to hear from you, i liked friday nite better at the ISD the mmoja wernt so loud as sat nite so u could talk easily in the marque, I did go to a scooter rally bout stok weeks ago now in the lake district an loved it!


Definately North African or something.

I do not know Tar Had. I will be very thankful if you can help me to put our website whenever on the internet I’m Dean with the longish hair. A nakon toga Dinamo hajduk u Splitu What is your mobile number i will give you a call at ISD and we can meet up for a pint. Had some health issues i was mojz through for a while but im getting back on track now. The ISD was great we had a good laugh taking the piss out of Rich’s gay interest boots: Hail Mara Yes we are looking forward to the Isd next month it will be our first gig for a few years stoka moja cura ima decka ha.

G’day, I’ll do the video maker thing stoka moja cura ima decka video of the month if no-one else has put their hand up already. Hope you got home safe, I didnt see you most of Sat night, couldnt see your car sunday morning, so I’m a tad worried and wtoka you see this before you head off to work.

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