I’m the game author. It was to frustrating to continue after that. That is why we are releasing this additional patch for the 1. Can a player hit out that is behind the baseline? Is there some exhibition mode where you can pick any players?

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Users browsing this forum: Inform me about anything that might have went on with your matches BEFORE deadlines, otherwise, decisions won’t be changed.

I’m the game author. Highly recommend it, but ONLY modded, with correct animations. The Game reminds me on a professional oldschool Development.

Tennis Elbow ITST Mod 1.08 – US Open 2012 – Djokovic / Federer 4-6 7- 6 6-4 7-6

Ideally, you should be able to make each button on your PS3 controller hit a different shot. The game itself is decent, good mechanics and good controls once you get used to them, but what impressed me the most is the fact that it is open for modding. Hold shot button and then press down, wait till the player toss, press and release direction left-right.

It was to frustrating to continue gennis that.


Tennis Elbow Mods | Talk Tennis

I can make it offline. Also, there was a bug making Counter women much stronger than normal, especially on return of serve, that have been fixed a few months ago. Maybe post in his thread and ask for his help. I can hardly win a point practing against the other pros on master series level??? DropShotArtist Banned Sep 13, All is working well now. And vice versa, breaking serve its the AI is too easy.

Tennis Elbow 2011 Mods

HughJars Banned Apr 14, Thank you about the patch awsomeness, i guess it’s also due to your animation talents and all the tenniz credited for all its content And firstly to Manutoo who opened TE to modding in such a great way. The default scoreboard position should fit most widescreen resolutions. Does anyone know how people are making these Fed-Berdych, Nadal-Djoko videos from the game?

Could it run on your regular everyday laptop? But now you can find in the ingame options menu a slider control to fine tune tennia scoreboard positionning dynamically.

Mana Games • ITST Online Mod v. – 19/03/

I’m glad you found it. But aiming is different. Is there some exhibition mode where mox can pick any players? You must log in or register to reply here.


This Game is awesome. Anyway, if you are into this type of Gaming, this is likely the best SIM out there at the moment.

mox Now time to practice. I suck at this game I’m playing on Junior difficulty and my win loss record is something like 2 wins and 7 losses. IMO most realistic pc tennis is fullace tennis.

Wicked, just came across how to turn 2D courts on – they look awesome! I don’t see any on the character sheet Board index All times are UTC.

Amico, tennis elbow itst mod 1.08 iscriverti all’Us Open. If you wish to change character please let me know before your first match. Don’t get put off by that, you will quickly realize that fast aiming IS better, it always you to hit better shots on the run and when you have little time to prepare.

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