By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Compounding this error, she also ignores the variation within each sex, and makes generalizations that apply only to neurotypical, extroverted, non-sensitive heterosexual cisgender men since the topic is gender, I can forgive the cisgender and maybe the heterosexual, but the rest? I recommend this book to both men and women. What about women who don’t see maintaining relationships as the most important goal of their lives? As soon as I saw that the birthday gift I had opened was a book called The Male Brain, I was worried it would distort science in the service of gender stereotypes.

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Also, I found out that if I were a lizard, I’d want to partner with a blue-throat lizard – the one who is true to his mate. They have to fight.

Louann Brizendine

There was no doubt that Ryan and Nicole were in sync. Seems odd, since I’ve GOT one brain that is and presumptively would have less to learn. I think we are pretty different creatures compared to gold fish. Louann BrizendineM.

Male Brain book sheds light on how men think | Reuters

What would keep them that way? It talked about why video games are cooler for boys and men.

No mention that perhaps men can control themselves. This book describes what men are typically like at different stages of life and details how specific hormones affect men’s brains to grain them that way. A lot of what I said for The Female Brain holds true for this one, too.


The Male Brain by Louann Brizendine, M.D. | : Books

Also like The Female Brain, the sweeping generalizations had to be taken with a grain of salt, but I do appreciate Louann’s hope that these books will lead to more compassion between the sexes, as well as for oneself.

A few actually are vast chasms, like the fold difference in testosterone production. I highly recommend this book. Mar 23, Minutes. It does seem like Dr. Insulting to every intelligent, self controlled male I know. Well, that might be true for non-sensitive boys, but it is certainly not true–not even remotely close to true–for sensitive boys. This was an interesting quick read with a few points is never been introduced to before. However, he tried giving her well-intentioned advice to solve her problems.

And now I’m closer to fully understanding men. After reading this, I would definitely like to read The Female Brain by the same author. At one point, the author explicitly stated that a man couldn’t help looking at a woman’s breasts; sor I wanted to find something eye-opening or enlightening in this book.

A boy the male brain louann brizendine the age of 8 has about one cup of Testosterone circulating in his the male brain louann brizendine a day, by the time he is 15 it is two gallons a day. Retrieved 20 January Oct 22, Sanar Samad rated it it was ok. I do wish that both “brain” books would have spent more time examining exceptions: But they’re no replacement for actually talking to one another and getting to know each person, male or female, as an individual.


I wish all non-fiction books were this well-written. I wouldn’t be surprised if pheromones have something to do with it in fact even this has not been conclusively shownbut there is clearly a lot more to it than that. Brizendine explains why it occurs, the hormones involved and the processes in the brain; however, she does not provide any suggestions for how a wife can help her husband with this situation or what a man can do as well.

Jan 12, Maria Ella rated it liked it Shelves: Maybe they can use mind over matter and not capitulate to every carnal, selfish, desire. And along the way, you will pick briznedine some valuable tips to help you understand, appreciate and connect with the men in your life. Archived from the original on 15 January

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